Our goal at Cursive Media is to revolutionize the digital marketing business in New York City. OK, perhaps revolutionize is too strong a word, but we do want to infuse the internet medium with an old-school focus on writing quality.

Cursive Media provides web content, SEO and graphics, specializing in quality copy that is tailored to each customer’s unique vision. Our New York City headquarters allow us to familiarize ourselves with the organizations with which we work. This approach enables us to infuse their voice into our writing. Weoffer an initial commitment free, no-cost consultation and follow-up meetings on an as-needed basis to ensure that every company’s message is properly conveyed.

What We Do

We are a group of motivated young writing and web professionals, committed to optimizing your web presence and drawing traffic to your site. We believe the most effective means of accomplishing this is good, old-fashioned writing. Our style is carefully constructed, edited, and vetted – our product is our writing, and we stand behind it 100%. We operate in the modern digital space, but we have an old-school editorial mentality – we focus on the quality of our copy above all else! We’re not into gimmicks and we’re not into tricks. What we are into is generating excellent content.

How We Do It

Our unique, individualized approach works with you to suit your company’s needs. We work directly with your staff to ensure content quality, in a personable, hands-on fashion. We go about this process in several ways:
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